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T.J is also an original artist in his own right and certainly puts real emotion into his craft. Be it playing his other original projects (Bootsy Brogans), or performing a plethora of contemporary favourites, you will surely be captivated and entertained. 

Scratching the surface of T.J Carter certainly reveals a diverse musician with fantastic international experiences some can only dream of.

From an early age he developed a love of writing original material. 

“Whilst I played in Adelaide cover bands as a lead guitarist to make a living, I always chipped away at my songwriting and enjoyed the creative recording process.”

At a ripe age of 19, T.J left his hometown of Adelaide and headed to the UK with his guitar and found work in popular venues across London, and on the road throughout the UK. 

A two year stint in Ireland followed, where he continued his passion of all things music & travel; busking and performing at renowned venues and cobbled streets til the early hours.

“Looking back, it certainly was an experience heightened by the love of travel, music and performing for people”

Returning to London in 2004 T.J befriended and began collaborating with Marcin Bobkowski, inevitably joining his Original Reggae band “Natty Dreadlocks” which lead to successful touring throughout UK and Europe. Playing iconic establishments and venues such as London Metro, London Jazz Cafe and Brixton Church. 

Three consecutive annual tours throughout Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic performing to large crowds and festival lineups including legendary artists such as Mad Professor, Culture, Jimmy Cliff, and Grammy award winning Steel Pulse. 

“Those experiences have stuck with me, and continue to fuel a passion from within”.

After the collapse of Natty Dreadlocks in 2007, T.J embarked on 12 months of travelling before returning to Australia – Brisbane, QLD. Eager to keep the fire burning, he joined Brissy West End crew ‘Quinnband’. A family of great musicians who embarked on an exciting journey indulging in Australian east coast touring, recording, and airplay success.

Moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2015 was to be a new journey encompassing peaceful surrounds and new creative energy.

T.J Carter, undeniably has music running through his veins. Seasoned with travel and performing experience he has so much to offer. 


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